What is this site about?

These illustrations here are free to use for whatever you like, including commercial and personal projects.

So, what do you mean by "free"?

We mean free! No royalties, no fees, no restrictions.

Use these illustrations for your blog. Set up an art stand at the local park and sell prints. Create an Etsy store. Wallpaper your kitchen. Use them for whatever you like - without restriction.

It would be polite to credit us or link back to us when possible, but it's not required.

All images are released under the most generous of the Creative Commons licenses (CC0). Enjoy!

Is there a higher resolution image available?

Yes! Sign up for our email list and you will get a special link each Friday that points to an even higher resolution layered TIFF file of each illustration. Perfect for printing at larger sizes.

I see some illustrations are based on a photograph...where did the original photos come from?

They came from a generous and diverse group of photographers that have donated their work to the creative community via Unsplash.


Do I have to give credit to Free Illustrated when I use these illustrations?

Nope. Although a link back to our website is always appreciated. Or perhaps give us a shout-out on your social media of choice? Your call.

When will more illustrations be available?

Hard to say… we’re on hiatus as of September 2018. But if you are signed up for our email list, you’ll be the first to know if there are more releases in the future.

Who is behind this site?

A small, but very dedicated, print shop called Paper Slam. If you need anything printed, check us out!