Personal Stock Sites

Free For Commercial Use

A wonderfully quirky collection of over a thousand photos from German photographer Markus Spiske.

Jay Mantri

Abandoned parking garages, wood textures, and expansive landscapes... you definitely won't find any cliche 'board room handshake' stock images here.

Million Photos

A personal project by Annie Spratt, photographer extraordinaire, to release one million photos into the public domain. That's ambition!

Travel Coffee Book

Hundreds of travel photos with a concentration on East Asia. Includes a link to his OneDrive folder where you can conveniently download as many as you like at once.


Charmingly named photo site of Jonas Wimmerström. If you use any of his images, let him know! He'll be delighted.


An intriguing selection of square photos of rock textures, water, and ephemera. Released by Superfamous Studios under the CC3 license. (attribution required)